Do you want a life without financial constraints?

    Wealth building is a crucial part of existence if we want to be financially free. Being financial free is a concept that affirm are dependence on money and its management.

    Too often, our ability to progress towards our passions has been limited by the “rat race”. “In the rat race, we work for our employers, the government, through the payment of taxes and lenders (that is, from our mortgages, credit cards, car loans and loans).

    In general, our own passions died last, relegated to the moment when we can find free time – if it concentrates at all.

    Fortunately, you can have a different plan. Here are five reasons to seek financial independence…even if you like your job.

    Economic independence is important, Because Job Security is an Illusion

    Financial vulnerability often motivates entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs work ridiculous hours, risk, spare their whole lives, and neglect important relationships in a dream without a promise of success. What should a normal person take this risk for?

    Well, one thing to keep in mind is that, no matter if you are self-employed, a traditional worker or a business owner, you are in the business for you. The main distinction is who are your customers? Typical of an employee, the “customer” is your boss. He is the one who buys their services. However, if you are a business owner, you have many customers (or bosses).

    In this sense, many entrepreneurs believe that it is inherently riskier to have a single head that had a lot of “bosses”. “For example, if you have a thriving business where you can control costs, growth, marketing, and then, many customers who actually “fire”, before that they were forced to a “workplace.” The owner of a business in life is not determined by the opinion of a person or by shareholders who may not even know his name. That’s why financial independence is so important for employees: no amount of training or experience can guarantee, even with the greatest talents and loyalty of workers, not to be unemployed tomorrow at the end of the company. If you are an employee, the reality is that you are constantly interviewing for his job.

    Financial Independence Is Important, Because It Means That They Are No Longer Trapped in the “rat Race”

    Sometimes there is an absolute contempt for work today. We have to marvel at those who retire early. However, I came to the conclusion that the idea of leaving the “rat race” excites me, infinitely more than the idea of retirement. For example, there is an internal desire to make a difference that it would be very difficult to realize if your idea of retirement is sitting on the couch every day looking at The Bold and Beautiful. Stephen Covey said we all want to live, love, learn and leave a legacy.” The right to work, we can help you meet these aspirations.

    Rather than the elimination of work, I think many people aspire to the elimination of the need for the provision that darkens every decision they make, to prevent them from pursuing their dreams and deprive them of spending time with the people who matter most. A financially free person has ideas and goals that are not contaminated by concern for life, he can continue to access opportunities that are generally perceived as risky but highly remunerative, and can control your time so that those who work nine to five jobs can only dream.

    Economic Independence Is Important Because It Means They Are Better Placed to Help Others

    It was Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady – who said that “no one would have remembered the Good Samaritan if he had only good intentions. “Some people say piously that they just want enough for their families. It’s as if they have an absolute contempt for anyone who craves more. Ironically, they have completely lost as you seem ridiculously selfish.

    If we want to live in an extraordinary, then, that we often have to look beyond our four walls to see that we can use. Just because charity starts at home doesn’t mean you have to stop there. One of the reasons why it is so important to expand their vision is that it will often be the stimulus that will prompt others to get involved in his sleep. For example, part of the reason Oprah, Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz are successful is because it’s “important” to help others. It is the problems that you solve for others that serve as the doors to your next promotion. One of the advantages of being financially free is that you are also free to tackle really complex problems!

    Financial independence is important, because it means that pleasure is Amplified

    While happiness cannot be bought, pleasure can. Personally, I have no problem if someone wants to get into their dream house, or drive the vehicle of your dreams, provided that they have been financially responsible. Recently, billionaire heiress Petra Eclestone bought the 57,000-square-foot former Aaron Spelling Mansion for a staggering $85,000,000. In an interview, a journalist asked for his response to the many critics claiming that there are so many better uses for his family, money. She replied that she was very active and generous in the chosen charities and that she did not feel responsible for stopping you from living your life based on what others have to say to take away to the point that just because you can have fun with less doesn’t mean you have too. Money is just a tool. It is enough to amplify what is already there, so if you have fun and give your current income and assets, imagine how much fun you can have and charitable actions can be carried out if all their financial resources have been amplified.

    Economic independence is important Because it Increases Their Ability to Structure Work to your size

    Of course, choosing or creating the right type of work is not limited to those who are financially independent. However, the two seem to be related. In the minds of millionaires, Thomas Stanley argued that millionaires are more likely to have chosen a job that suits them uniquely; the right to work is a competitive advantage. Being financially independent means that you have more time and resources to discover their skills and abilities, personality, passions and dreams and decide on the best way to integrate them into their work; all the more opportunities you have to make sure that you are doing it right.

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