The Empowered Family

The Empowered Family


Every family has its share of problems and difficulties, most of which have to be handled comprehensively to prevent a crisis. With every family unit using several methods to deal with such issues, our black family is highly recommended.

Being a parent can be one of the most difficult (and rewarding!) jobs around. It’s not something that you can be perfect at. Many parents are juggling work, friends, managing a house, and much more.

But it’s worth trying to improve the relationships you share with your child and other family members. Good family relationships are more than just enjoyable for their own sake.

Good family relationships help your children feel secure and loved. They help you feel good too. You can build good relationships in your family with quality time, communication, teamwork, and appreciation.

We all know we live in a complex, diverse, and often hectic society. Technological advances have led to major changes in how we communicate and relate to one another – particularly in the constructs of the family. With a television and computer access in every room and a cell phone in everyone’s pocket, family members often listen but fail to hear, or hear, yet fail to respond.

This breakdown in communications disrupts the family unit, changes the structure and leads to the disintegration of the entire household. Disruptive behavior erupts when members of the family fail to understand, “listening is an intentional action, whereas hearing is a perceptive event” requiring a response. This is the aspect where we need to change in the family.

Our BLACK FAMILY course gives you in-depth knowledge and guidance to know your way of having a perfect family.

More so, the dangers of divorce and family separation are a desperate threat more now there any time in history.

All families have conflict. It is a part of being a family. However, when the conflicts become too big to resolve and manifests into dysfunction within the family unit you may be dealing with something more severe than some common family discord.

Having a coach and mentor by your side to help guide you through building an outstanding family is not only important, but it’s also a necessity.

By using our coaching system the “Black Family: How to have an outstanding one” you have the assurance of the best family. You can use it for spending time with your family as family time and project.

Spend time with your family, help, and power yourself, your spouse and your children at the same time.

Our coaching system will help Empower your family with:

  1. Good family relationship
  2. How to take good care of your offspring
  3. Maintaining good business stand as a family
  4. Joining hands to build your wealth as a family
  5. How to become a community leader as a family
  6. How to communicate in your family

As mentioned earlier, every family deals with various problems, some of which turn out messy if none of the family members knows how to handle them.  With our BLACK FAMILY course, you will be able to deal with specific problems without causing any ongoing distress in the family. In this way, your family unit will be able to develop new and helpful ideas of being the best one.

Course Curriculum

Topic: How a man can build powerful relationships
HTBPR Introduction 01:00:00
HTBPR Chapter One 01:00:00
HTBPR Chapter Two 01:00:00
HTBPR Chapter Three 01:00:00
HTBPR Chapter Four 01:00:00
HTBPR Chapter Five 01:00:00
HTBPR Conclusion & Refrence 01:00:00
Topic: How to build a successful family business
HTBSFB Introduction 01:00:00
HTBSFB How To Build A Successful Family Business 01:00:00
HTBSFB Low Cost Ideas To Start A Family Business 01:00:00
HTBSFB Best Family Business Ideas To Start in 2019 01:00:00
HTBSFB Family Blog 01:00:00
HTBSFB Home Cleaning Business 01:00:00
HTBSFB Challenges Of A Family Business 01:00:00
Topic: How woman can build strong relationship
HWCBSR Introduction 01:00:00
HWCBSR Building Strong Relationship With Herself 01:00:00
HWCBSR Building Strong Relationship With Husband 01:00:00
HWCBSR Building Strong Relationship With Children 01:00:00
HWCBSR Building Strong Relationship With Family 01:00:00
Topic: Leadership building as a family in your community
LBAFYC Introduction 01:00:00
LBAFYC Why Should A Family Be A Community Leader 01:00:00
LBAFYC Qualities Of A Good Community Leader 01:00:00
LBAFYC Characteristics Of A Community Leader 01:00:00
LBAFYC Responsibilities Of A Community Leader 01:00:00
LBAFYC How To Become A Community Leader 01:00:00
Topic: Ultimate guide to setting up your goals
HTAYD How To Achive Your Dreams 01:00:00
Topic: Ultimate Guide To Building Strong Relationships In Your Family
UGTBSRIYF Introduction 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF Concept Of Strong Family 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF How To Build Strong Family Relationship 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF Elements Of Stong Family relationships 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF Why Strong Family Life Is Important 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF Ways To Improve Family Communication 01:00:00
UGTBSRIYF Problems People That Experiences Weak Family Relationship Often Strugle With 01:00:00
Topic : Wealth Building For Families Strating A Business
WBFFSAB Copyright Protection 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Chapter One 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Chapter Two 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Chapter Three 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Chapter Four 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Chapter Five 01:00:00
WBFFSAB Conclusion 00:00:00
Topic: Wealth Building Made Simple For Black Family Entrepreneurs
WBMSFBFE Introduction 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Investment Strategies For Families To Build Wealth 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Ways Families Can Grow Thier Wealth 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Simple Money Habits That Will You Build Wealth 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Simple Money Habits That Will You Build Wealth 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE How To Become Rich Fast With Accumulation For Families 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Focus What Creates Wealth 01:00:00
WBMSFBFE Wealth Building Ideas For Families 01:00:00
Topic: Wауѕ To Rаіѕе A Rеѕроnѕіblе Child
WTRARC Notes To The Reader 01:00:00
WTRARC Introduction 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter One 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter Two 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter Three 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter Four 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter Five 01:00:00
WTRARC Chapter Six 01:00:00
A woman can build a strong relationship with herself, her husband, children, and family 00:00:00
Leadership building as a family in your community 00:00:00
The ultimate guide to build strong relationship in your family 00:00:00
The ultimate guide to wealth building for families 00:00:00
How to achieve your dreams, unlock your family’s purpose, and fulfill your family’s destiny 00:00:00
The ultimate guide to starting a business, how to start a successful Home Based business, online bus 00:00:00
How a man can build a strong powerful relationship your children, with your family & your loved ones 00:00:00

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