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Mission Impact


Mission Impact the Ultimate Guide To Build And Run A Successful Nonprofit Organization

If you have ever wanted to start a nonprofit organization but didn’t know where to begin. Look no further! This guide walks you through the entire process. Starting a nonprofit should be a moment of inspiration for you and your community, in this course we will teach you how you can maximize your nonprofit’s potential. This course takes a realistic approach toward the rigors of first-time non-profit ventures.

This course answers the most fundamental question in business: Where Will I Make a Profit Tomorrow? Why do some companies create sustained, superior profits year after year? Why are they always far ahead of their competitors in discovering the ever-changing profit zones of their industry? Why do others languish as their traditional way of doing business turns into a no-profit zone? The Mission Impact provides the answers. It is a brilliant, original, and practical explanation of how and why high profit happens.

A top business leader shares the business principles he used to launch both a top company and a thriving nonprofit. Nonprofit leaders know that solving pervasive social problems requires passion and creativity as well as tangible results. Mission Impact shares the same business principles that drive the world’s best companies, showing how they can (and should) be applied to the realm of nonprofits. Pharaoh Mitchell honest story, and success and missteps, create an essential roadmap for any social venture looking to prove and boost its impact.

Distills essential nonprofit principles such as having a clear and appropriate purpose, creating economic value from social benefit, and establishing mutual accountability Shares successful approaches from innovative organizations. Mission Impact will help maximize the positive impact of any nonprofit.

Course Curriculum

Topic: California Foundations And Grantmakers
CFAG California Foundations And Grantmakers 01:00:00
Topic: Nonprofit Social Media Marketing
Nonprofit Social Media Marketing 01:00:00
Topic: Top Twenty Criteria For Successful Grants Cheat Sheet
Top Twenty Criteria For Successful Grants Cheat Sheet 01:00:00
Topic: Writing A Funding Proposal
Writing A Funding Proposal 01:00:00
Topic: Writing A Successful Proposal
Writing A Successful Proposal 01:00:00
Topic: Mission Impact
Mission Impact 01:00:00
Topic: Over Sixty Nine Fund Raisers For Nonprofit
Over Sixty Nine Fund Raisers For Nonprofit 01:00:00
Topic: Granted Writing Manual
GWM Author’s Note 01:00:00
GWM Chapter One 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Two 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Three 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Four 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Five 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Six 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Seven 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Eight 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Nine 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Ten 01:00:00
GWM Chapter Eleven 01:00:00
GWM Conclusion 01:00:00
Topic: How To Grow A Successful Nonprofit Organization
HTGASNO Introduction 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter One 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Two 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Three 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Four 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Five 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Six 01:00:00
HTGASNO Chapter Seven 01:00:00
Topic: How To Run And Manage A Profitable Non
HTRAMAPN Introduction 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Tуреѕ Оf Funding For Nоn-prоfit Orgаnizаtiоnѕ 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN With Tесhnоlоgу Your Nоnрrоfit Will Rаiѕе Mоrе Mоnеу 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN How To Start A Non-profit Organization 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Becoming A Prоfitаblе Nonprofit While Staying Miѕѕiоn-fосuѕеd 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Most Cоmmоn Nonprofit Stаrtuр Mistakes 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Tiрѕ For Running A Suссеѕѕful Nоn- Prоfit Orgаnizаtiоn 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Buѕinеѕѕ Skillѕ Thаt Cаn Help Yоur Nonprofit Suссееd 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Hоw Tо Manage A Non-profit Orgаnizаtiоn 01:00:00
HTRAMAPN Ninе Wауѕ Nonprofits Cаn Inсrеаѕеcommunity Engаgеmеnt 01:00:00
Topic: Social Networking For Nonprofit Organization
SNFNO Intro Benefits Of Strаtеgiс Social Mеdiа Utilizаtiоn 01:00:00
SNFNO Sосiаl Networking Fоr Nоn-prоfitѕ: High-imрасt Tiрѕ And Thе Best Frее Tools 01:00:00
SNFNO Hоw Nonprofits Cаn Uѕе Sосiаl Media Tо Bооѕt Donations 01:00:00
SNFNO Hоw Tо Non Profit Organization Can Make An Imрасt In Ѕосiаl Networking With Littlе Budgеt 01:00:00
SNFNO Ways To Bооѕt Non-profit Awаrеnеѕѕ Thrоugh Social Mеdiа 01:00:00
SNFNO Stерѕ To A Successful Nоnрrоfit Social Media Strategy 01:00:00
SNFNO Mеthоdѕ For Mаximizing Bеnеfitѕ 01:00:00
SNFNO Mеаѕuring Аnd Evаluаting Thе Return Оn Investment Оf Sосiаl Mеdiа 01:00:00
SNFNO Cоnсluѕiоn 01:00:00

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