If you think that your brain makes a great leader, it is best to consult your head.

    The idea of bringing the heart of leadership in the community is viewed as a gentle and weak approach that inherently undermines productivity and profitability. Traditional leadership theory ensures that the best managers are more intelligent and analytical, intentionally isolated from the emotions.

    What does it mean for someone to lead from the heart?

    “It is irrefutable at this stage that the traditional methods of treatment of the people are not working. We have the lowest engagement in modern history.

    People need more than money.

    “I believe that what you want to do is pay people in what I call emotional currency.

    You have to pay people enough money, there is no doubt, but what people need, dedicated to your emotional needs that must be met.

    Pay people with emotional currency, it has to do with things such as:

    • Grow,
    • Make them feel like their work matters,
    • Her boss very much appreciates them,
    • Be respected in your organization,
    • They are allowed to contribute to something that makes sense.

    All of this happens in the heart of the people. Because the heart is what drives the performance, and the heart motivates the commitment.

    We need to teach our managers how to do these things and do them consistently that people feel connected to your organization and you want to go further.”

    2) How should an individual manager of thinking that leads from the heart?

    “If you have 20 people on your team and you only have 8 or 9 people who are doing, what would happen to the performance of your team if you could convert them all?

    What would happen to your success as a leader, or the performance of your region or your team, if you all remember? You would be surprised at what you can get below.”

    Mark Crowley and Andy Grove in accordance managers can have an impact on their teams no matter what

    Andy Grove and Mark Crowley know that any leader can have an impact on your team.

    Enjoy the joys of the management and to advance in their career.

    “The other element is that it is much more rewarding to know that as a leader or manager that can influence someone so deeply, you would want to meet very high expectations and deliver extraordinary levels of performance.

    In addition, if you want to progress in your career, you are ultimately responsible for the results. Driving from the heart is a formula for the driving performance superior to anything you can do. These are not the obligations; this is not a form of financial compensation.

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