Have you ever wondered what the difference is between having money and having wealth? Well, without a doubt, earning a good income is great… but “having money” and “building wealth” are really two different things. Income pays the bills, but it’s money that goes into your pocket and vice versa. When you have wealth (savings, assets and investments), you have more than just income. Wealth is a set of resources that you can use to create and seize life’s opportunities.

    Wealth creation does not usually happen overnight, in one year or in three years. Wealth creation is a series of steps that are taken over time. It is an ongoing process that requires discipline. If you apply this discipline, wealth creation becomes a model of life. And as you go through each stage of life, you develop your ability to create wealth and pass it on from generation to generation.

    Is it to show off? Is it so that you can buy a house “baller”? Or maybe because you want to beat your friends at the game of capitalism?

    I am a big proponent of understanding the “why” of everything you do. By having a good understanding of this, you will increase your chances of success.

    In a society driven by consumerism, it can be difficult to stay the course.

    So why should you focus on wealth creation? It is importance to build wealth even after you thought you have created one.

    If you look at the dictionary meaning of wealth, it is abundance. When talking about wealth in relation to money, it means abundance of money, and wealth creation aims to make this abundance a reality. For you and me, wealth can be defined as the sum total of assets we own, be it real estate, cash, gold, stocks, mutual fund units, etc. after deducting any liabilities, such as outstanding loans.

    But wealth is also a relative term. Whether an individual is rich or not depends on the benchmark we set for ourselves based on our dreams. Therefore, you can call yourself rich if you have enough to fulfill all your dreams.  For example, you might dream of owning an apple orchard in Shimla or a 4-bedroom apartment in South Delhi. The realization of these dreams would require a substantial amount of wealth. Therefore, if you do not have enough wealth to fulfill these dreams, you should focus on increasing your wealth, to get closer to achieving your financial goals or dreams.

    In this book, we will discuss what wealth creation really means, its importance, and some strategies that can help create wealth successfully.

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